"Your passion and dedication to music education reverberates beyond the walls of Annandale.  Your tireless effort to recruit and retain students from all backgrounds is renowned, as is your leadership, commitment and empathy towards other.  You are a great asset to the education profession..." 

Karen K. Garza, PhD

FCPS Superintendent

 "What a concert!!  Your chamber orchestra could play with the NSO.

Couldn’t believe all the 4th graders and loved your enthusiasm and you could see that it has rubbed off on your kids." 

Pam -  June 2012

"Her contribution, Engaging English Language Learners in your Ensemble, is now providing expertise to our membership of 66,000 music educators across the country... We are very proud to have Angela as a member and leader in the field of music education..." 

Glenn E. Nierman, President of NAfME

Mike Blakeslee, Executive Director and CEO of NAfME 


"It is the highest compliment that your students consider your classroom as their community, a place to create and a haven to relax.  Through your wamth, compassion, and enthusiasm, you've planted the seeds for future virtuosos as well as for future music teachers who will follow in your footsteps..." 

Sandy Evans

Mason District Representative 

 “....She has helped build what we consider to be the premier orchestra program in Fairfax County and the State of Virginia... Mrs. Ammerman’s teaching pedagogy is strong, and she is extremely well organized….”

Bill Evers

Robinson Secondary School

"...your student conductors were more dynamic, engaging, and positively in charge of their groups than most college students whom I have seen conducting lab ensembles... Your concert last night was like being at an inspirational workshop, I learned so much!"

Larisa Marian, FCPS Music Teacher 

"Your engaging and compassionate approach to instruction truly benefits the Annandale High School community.  Your unique connection with your students is a reflection of the time, effort and dedication you put into your passion for teaching... The qualities you have demonstrated will have a positive and long-lasting impact on their academic and personal success..." 

Megan McLaughlin

FCPS School Board Member

Braddock District 

 “...  a dedicated and enthusiastic music educator.  She has performed wonders with the Swansboro Orchestra program.” 

Earl Taylor                    Director of Arts (Ret.)   Onslow County Schools

 "I am writing to let you know how much Jason truly enjoyed your class this year. I have been trying for a few years to find something that would pique his interest…sports, hobbies, etc…and haven’t been able to find something that really “sticks” after the new-ness wears off. At last, I have noticed that he has developed quite the dedication to the viola this year. He practices his viola daily without being asked and takes pride in playing new music pieces for the family. The last few months he has been getting up early (on his own!) to make sure our family gets out the door on time so he can get to your room before school starts and practice more. Your color belts have been HUGE motivators for him and a source of pride. Further, he has asked me to take private lessons during the summer based on your encouragement, so we are in the process of seeing what is available.

So I simply want to thank you, acknowledge your creative efforts, and let you know that you’ve truly made a difference in the life of one 4th grade student, Jason."  - June, 2011  -  Proud Parent


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