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"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary." ~ Thomas Carruthers

<p><a href="">There’s No Place Like Home</a></p>

There’s No Place Like Home

Posted 1 week ago
<p><a href="">Second episode of #MusicEdLove ! Featuring Music Teacher, Mayor, & UTM Alum: Tony Burriss!</a></p>

Second episode of #MusicEdLove ! Featuring Music Teacher, Mayor, & UTM Alum: Tony Burriss!

Posted 3 weeks ago

EXCLUDED: Missing Musicians from the Classroom

EXCLUDED: Missing Musicians from the Classroom

Recently, I spoke at NAfME’s annual Hill Day Collegiate Advocacy Summit on leadership development.  I spent days, I mean DAYS, writing a speech that I ended up completely trashing (story of my life…), but after getting some much needed advice, I realized that these students were clearly already leaders and that I what I really needed to speak about was actually taking their leadership to the next…

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Posted 4 weeks ago

#MusicEdLove Podcast - Episode 1: Boredom Busters with Crumbly Bubbles and Company

Check out my new podcast: #MusicEdLove

Good Morning Critical Pedagogy Friends!  I am thrilled to announce the start of the #MusicEdLove Podcast, brought to you by the University of Tennessee at Martin!  This first podcast provides tips and tricks for engaging students AND community members in your music program!  Happy Listening! #MusicEdLove    

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Posted 6 weeks ago

Energizing Your Rehearsal! 

Posted 9 weeks ago

Splash Zones at a Concert?!?!

Splash Zones at a Concert?!?!

As you know, I LOVE to have the audience as involved as possible.  I am trying to think of advice for a friend to switch up the concert a little and for me, it is really difficult to answer this without knowing what music is being performed.  Anyhow, most of the creative activities stem from the music and moments where there is an opportunity for either audience participation or student movement…

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Posted 15 weeks ago

Persisters, Switchers, and Leavers, Oh My!

Persisters, Switchers, and Leavers, Oh My!

So… This girl has been busy busy busy lately!  Quick update before I jump in to my latest article reading OVERJOYED!  –  I have been offered (and have accepted) a professorship with the University of Tennessee at Martin and I am soooo excited to get started!  I have been searching for some time for the right fit and I finally found it!  The faculty members have been so inviting and supportive,…

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Posted 24 weeks ago

Thwarted by a Tennis Ball...

Thwarted by a Tennis Ball…

I have this one class… We all have the one class right?  Well, in this one class, my students are doing terrible in school. I mean TERRIBLE… Not all of them, but more than 50% are about to fail their freshman/sophomore year. It’s not really a class, it’s more like a homeroom, but even so… I see them every other day for anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and I feel a sense of…

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Posted 38 weeks ago

And the Cellists Came to Blows Over a Grand Pause...

And the Cellists Came to Blows Over a Grand Pause…

Well… They didn’t actually come to blows over the grand pause… But they were close. There were words, that is for sure!  Fighting words! And here’s the thing: I couldn’t decide if I was proud or angry with them. See, I have worked forever to build in my students a sense of musical freedom and ownership in what happens with music in orchestra. So we make many musical decisions democratically.…

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Posted 42 weeks ago
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