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Homeschool Music Ed in the Burg with Amy Brill Shirk

In this episode, we welcome homeschool music teacher, Amy Shirk, onto the podcast! Just a few weeks ago, I shared with you all how wonderful our first “pre-lesson” on piano was and Amy is that very teacher! I was so impressed with the pre-lesson and wanted to bring her on to share her experiences and wisdom with you!

Amy will share some of the best activities to do with your children to get them involved in music from an early age. She will discuss the importance of focus and the ability to follow directions before you sign your child up for private lessons.

I also wanted to bring Amy onto the show to chat a bit about her experiences as a home school music teacher! For anyone considering homeschooling and concerned about the quality of music education from home, you will be blown away by all that Amy has done and continues to do for homeschool students in Fredericksburg!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!!!

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Homeschool Music Ed in the Burg with Amy Brill Shirk

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