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Writing Challenge Accepted

I recently have become somewhat complacent.  While it has literally been years since my last post, I have not lost my desire for a greater education, understanding, and more experience in the field of music education.  I am now in my second year of a PhD in Music Education and yes, I have been swamped with working full time, going to classes, conducting research, and trying to have some semblance of a life, but I have not lost the need for writing in my life.  I realize how important it is to make writing a daily habit, and so I have accepted a writing challenge.  I am going to try to just write every single day… Even if it is just a summary of my thoughts from that day, I need to create this better habit.  In addition to daily writing, I really need to set up a better habit for reading articles.  So, today (since it is already past midnight), I will just write, but tomorrow, I will add the second part to my new habit and add on the reading part.

So a few thoughts:

  1. My Future Music Educators Camp starts in just one week.  I have one day where the school is actually closed and I didn’t realize it…. This is a major issue, but as any good educator, I am going to turn a massive mistake on my own behalf into a really cool lesson.  So, the question is: Monticello or the Kennedy Center?  Field Trip!  I thought that Monticello would be really cool.  Thomas Jefferson was a huge proponent of not only public education, but also the need for music in life and I think that this could be really cool.  If we were to go to the Kennedy Center, it would only be for one thing:  to speak to the Education coordinator about how she engages the audiences and what a difference his/her job makes.  That is assuming, however, that I could even get time with the coordinator.

  2. Now that school is out for the summer, I am reflecting on an incredibly tumultuous school year.  I mean, a few of my seniors pretty much hated me, I still feel that two of the juniors are still pretty upset with me, and Philharmonic Strings (most advanced orchestra) did not really end on a great note.  I realized that kicking students out of my room for lunch (even though it was a tough lesson that I still think they needed since they were not respecting the classroom), was a somewhat destructive decision.  Once my students were kicked out, I stopped having as many cute drawings about orchestra as their home… They stopped hanging out in my room after school, and then, the drama with my second violins happened (they thought that they got to choose their seats on stage… I don’t think so!)… Anyhow, that story may need to be saved for another time.  While I would love to write more, I am nearly at 400 words and it is past my bedtime.  So, 500 words for today are now checked off my list.

Better habits to come!  Let’s hope that you hear more from this Critical Pedagogue tomorrow.  No, let’s not hope, I promise!  500 words on their way tomorrow.  Okay!

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