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Episode 13 – The Conductivore and the Peacekeeper

This episode is called “The Conductivore and the Peacekeeper!”  and delves into classroom management issues and fun ways to keep the peace!  I knoe this is an early release of this episode, but I have a former student who is teaching 11 different music classes at a camp this week and I wanted to release this especially for her.

This past week, I have spent so much time working with these incredible students from high schools across Tennessee and Kentucky.  Students who are dreaming of joining us in this incredible profession in just a few short years.  This experience has been amazing for me and truly life-changing for the campers.  Part of this camp is of course a classroom management component because why would we not teach classroom management to our music ed majors???

And so, as we prepared to work with children of a whole variety of backgrounds, I decided to tell the magnificent story of “The conductivore and the Peacekeeper…”

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