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Episode 8: On Belonging with Kathy Augustine

Last week, one of my music ed majors was in my classroom sobbing, trying not to call attention to herself.  I approached her and asked what was going on.  She asked if we could go to my office to talk and so we did.  This student told me that her mom, her dad, and her brother were at school.  This school was on lockdown because of a threat made by another student.  Her brother was in class hiding in some closed off room, her father, a principal, was walking around the halls to make sure everyone else was safe.

And her mother, she was in her classroom with her own students.  She had appeared on a “Shoot This Teacher” list… Later that day, two other schools within a 20 mile radius of UTM had received threats and were on lockdown.

After all of this, I did two things:

  1. I created the Music Educators for a Safer Tomorrow facebook page.  (Click HERE to check it out)

  2. I decided it was time to focus on belonging for this podcast.

  3. My future teachers and I created a program that we will begin presenting around West Tennessee on building safer schools, and creating a sense of belonging, and how to speak up.

I am just thrilled to feature my dear friend: Kathy Augustine on this podcast.  Kathy has done an incredible job of truly embracing each and every child who walks through her door.  I know you will just love this message and this wonderful guest!

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Thanks and Happy Musicking!

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