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Establishing a Creative Culture for Musical Growth with Keith Hodgson

Our good friend, Keith Hodgson joins us on #MusicEdLove to discuss Assessment, Goal Setting, Being in the Kid’s Corner, and creating a culture for musical growth.

I just love Keith’s ideas on assessment and hope you will find his recommendations helpful for your own teaching, data collection, and advocacy!

Among the many tips from Professor Hodgson, here are my favorites!

  1. Start thinking of Assessment as GOAL SETTING instead of testing.

  2. Have your students create their own achievable goals.

  3. Create a simple portfolio for students to track their own goals for years on end.

  4. Keep that portfolio with you so that you can show it at IEP meetings, etc. Then, at the end of a student’s K-12 career, they can have a portfolio that demonstrates on paper, all of the musical activities they participated in and the tremendous growth they experienced.

  5. You will know when your assessment is working if students become personally invested and motivated. Before you know it, you will have a culture of musical growth.

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