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Where is Your Blue Ocean? with John Kilkenny

This week, we welcome John Kilkenny onto #MusicEdLove. John Kilkenny is a leading performer, educator and artistic leader who is successfully forging a 21st-century career in the arts. As the Artistic and Executive Director of the Sewanee Summer Music Festival, John has guided this esteemed festival to new heights of artistic success. Under Kilkenny’s direction, the Sewanee Summer Music Festival has reached record breaking enrollment and revenue. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with John and to witness firsthand his dedication to innovation, excellence, music, and music education. Additionally, John is the Director of Percussion Studies and Associate Professor at George Mason University where he has led his students in performances across the country and the globe. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Professor Kilkenny onto the show today!

Some of the greatest takeaways from this episode are:

  1. It’s not about TIME management, it is all about PRIORITY management

  2. Dive into the DEEP work that makes your life more meaningful

  3. DEFINE what you are before you spend time on work that may not contribute to your end goals.

  4. Find your BLUE OCEAN and make the most of it!

Where is Your Blue Ocean? with John Kilkenny

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