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30 Day Summer Practice Challenge

Are you ready for the best practice challenge ever?!?! This practice challenge is perfect for any musician at any age! Not only does this provide practice prompts that will encourage them to actually practice, but by making it a 30-day challenge, the students will be more encouraged to practice daily. And we all know that daily practice for 28 days or more leads to the creation of beautiful habits! (Also, it is super fun and a bit cheeky, so you know your younger musicians will enjoy it!)

Here are the elements I love the most on this practice challenge:

  1. Start with a Success - I believe we should start and end every class with a success! So... for this first square, we have simply encouraged the musician to start their practice challenge with their favorite song ever...

  2. Challenge Practice - By encouraging our students to practice just 4 measures of challenging materials, in different ways, we are working to ensure that they not only gain comfort with the material, but that it is doable. Four measures! They've got this!

  3. Emoji Challenges - This might be my favorite part of the whole entire thing... At the end of each row, there are emoji challenges. They can sound sad while practicing, or cool, or just like poop! Notice that we end with sounding like a rockstar!

  4. ANY STUDENT CAN DO THIS!!! This is actually my favorite part about this... Even your beginner students can jump on board with this practice challenge!

So, my music teacher friends, encourage your young musicians to practice as regularly as their post-burrito constitution ;)

Also, let me know how you like it and subscribe here or @musicteachersguide for more! Should I do one for June too???


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