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Ooh Wah Ooh Wah Oh Ah: Getting Baby Dressed Song

Does your baby also get frustrated during times of transition? When David Michael was first born, he DESPISED getting changed in the morning and in the evening. I decided to write a song to distract him from the task at hand and to smooth those transitions out.

David Michael loves this song and now he is all smiles first thing in the morning when I am getting him ready for the day! The lyrics are below. Notice that I am using syllables that you may hear your baby experimenting with during their first few months. Putting these same syllables into a song not only strengthens your emotional connection with your baby, but also reinforces the language skills that they are developing. I also have put some words of joy into the song to encourage positive energy and a happy day!

The recording is nowhere near perfect, but hopefully you will find it useful!

Ooh Wah Ooh Wah Oh Ah,

Ooh Wah Ooh Wah Oh,

(Repeat 3 times)

Put your hands through your sleeves,

Now you’re ready to go.

You’ve got your smile on,

And it’s a lovely day.

Gonna spread our light,

In our own sweet way.

(S)He’s a happy babe,

And I’m a happy Mom (Dad),

Ooh Wah Ooh Wah Oh.

(Back to the beginning!)

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