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Perfect Summer Reads! Music Education Books

Are you looking for the perfect summer read??? Check out a few of my favorite Music Education books right here!

Note to Self - by Adrian Gordon

  • Only $.99 on Kindle for a limited time!

With this book, discover:

  • What to expect during the transition and the first years in your new music director role.

  • Essential summer prep with a beginning-of-the-year checklist.

  • Ideas for creating community in music class and filling a void in students’ musical journeys.

  • How to get people on board with your vision for the music program (and how to work with those who aren’t).

  • Self-care for a balanced daily life during new-job stress—despite assessments to grade, parents to email, and lesson plans to develop.

Pass the Baton - by Kathryn Finch & Theresa Hoover

"Pass the Baton offers readers a comprehensive guide to crafting engaging music lessons that transform students from passive consumers to vibrant creatives. Whether you’re looking to rethink general music or overhaul your ensemble groups, Pass the Batonis chock-full of generative, actionable, and impactful tools. Finch and Hoover have drawn on deep research and years of experience in the music room to provide a guide for all music educators to create a learner-centered environment and give students the opportunity to truly own the creative process."

Are you ready to learn more about rehearsing full orchestras from the leading conductor educators across the country? Check out this beautiful and concise read today!

Music Education & Social Emotional Learning- by Scott Edgar

This book is a must-have for all music teachers! Gain a greater awareness of the whole child and their needs within your classroom with this excellent read!

Very few music teachers are prepared to address the needs of the rapidly growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs). Whether you have just one ELL in your classroom or 50, this book provides discipline-specific tips, strategies, examples, classroom management recommendations and much more. Written by experienced music educators with backgrounds in concert band, modern band, chorus, orchestra, mariachi, special education, higher education, general music and administration, this highly interactive text will guide you to reach optimal engagement with ALL students while addressing communication barriers.

I haven't even received my own copy of this yet and it just printed YESTERDAY!!! Check out this amazing resource today! Successful music educators from rural, one-light towns and bustling cities provide innovative methods for recruiting and retaining students. From elementary ukulele ensembles to high school bands, orchestras, and vocal ensembles, the strategies within these pages will greatly assist in building a successful music program from the bottom up. The ideas in this highly engaging text will have your program bursting at the seams with eager and dedicated student-musicians.

Which of these are your favorites??? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to drop the authors some love!

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